REVIEW - Marvel Comics 'Wolverine: Black, White & Blood' #3

A new trio of tales featuring the Wolverine is set to simultaneously have you in your feels, make you laugh and make you wonder if all those discussions about traveling to Mars are really worth it. With many uses of his adamantium-laced skeleton, heightened senses and healing factor, Wolverine: Black, White & Blood is another solid entry in Weapon X’s lore. Wolverine: Black, White & Blood is available now at your local comic book shop! Spoilers below! Writers: John Ridley (“32 Warriors and a B

REVIEW - Marvel Comics 'Maestro: War & Pax' #1 is an Action Packed Start to the Series

The Hulk is no more, and in addition, the man he once was, Bruce Banner, is not the same anymore either – he’s simply, The Maestro. Maestro is back in Peter David’s Maestro: War & Pax and he’s looking to make sure that everyone on earth knows who their one true god is. Maestro’s goal is to remove division and the way he plans to achieve this is to have complete dominion over all. Maestro: War & Pax #1 is available now at your local comic book shop.

5 'DC Future State' Comic Books To Read Right Now

For the past few weeks, DC has shown us some of its new best and brightest within the pages of DC Future State. For those unfamiliar with DC Future State, it is a two-month epic event from DC spun out of the finale of the Dark Nights: Death Metal series (written by Scott Snyder, artwork by Greg Capullo) and it will introduce some new players in the superhero game. This new slate of DC Future State books will take readers on an adventure to the near future...

'Amari and the Night Brothers' Is A Stunning Middle-Grade Debut From B.B. Alston - Book Review

Amari and the night Brothers follows 13-year-old Amari Peters who is left devastated after her brother mysteriously goes missing. Quinton Peters is a star and was on his way to attending an Ivy League school on full scholarship when the disappearance happened. It is not a huge story on the news and the police think that Quinton was involved with something illegal (typical). Of course, Amari knows better.

'Black Canary: Breaking Silence' - Book Review

The next book in the DC Icons series features a story about Dinah Lance a.k.a. as everyone’s favourite hero with a killer voice, Black Canary. In this new take on Black Canary’s origin story, Alexandra Monir gifts readers with a novel that’s just as thrilling as it is insightful. At the age of eight, Dinah Lance heard the impossible – the sound of a girl singing. This was something she believed to be impossible since Gotham is taken over by the patriarchal Court of Owls.

‘Malcolm and Me’ Is A Journey Through With A Teen Grappling With Her Worldview, Relationships and Religion - Review

Rebellious and poetic are two words that describe Roberta Frost. The 13-year-old is doing her best to navigate her early teens. Now, we all know that being a teenager is difficult enough and after calling a former U.S. President a hypocrite for enslaving people and having a nun at her Catholic school respond with a racist insult, Roberta also begins to question her religion and how it fits into the greater scope of her life.

Lou Diamond Phillips’ ‘The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira’ is a Captivating Retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen Tale - Book Review

Every good Indiran man is expected to be a soldier and for Everson, things weren’t any different. While it wasn’t the path that he envisioned for himself, he did as he had to – especially since it was something that his parents forced upon him. However, everything goes awry when Everson’s first battle goes terribly wrong and he ends up stranded on the planet of his mortal enemies.

‘The Year of the Witching’ is a Must-Read Dark Fantasy - Book Review

In Bethel, whatever the Prophet says is law. Immanuelle simply living and existing is blasphemy. Due to her mother’s union with an outsider of a different race, Immanuelle’s family was cast into disgrace. Therefore, Immanuelle does what she can to lead a life of submission by worshipping the Father and following Holy Protocol. Immanuelle must conform like all of the other women in the settlement. But of course, much of that is easier said than done.

'The Black Kids' Packs a Powerful, Timely Punch - Book Review

It’s 1992 and Ashley’s senior year of high school. With summer fast approaching in Los Angeles, Ashley and her friends are ready for a carefree summer before they are off to college and other adventures. But being the only Black person in the friend group makes Ashley the subject of many micro-aggressions that she typically lets slide. However, all of that changes on a fateful April afternoon when four LAPD officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King.

‘Poe Dameron: Free Fall’ is a Coming-of-Age Tale Focused on One of Our Favourite Pilots - Book Review

Young Poe Dameron’s life is drastically altered after the death of his beloved mother. For years since her passing, Poe’s still been struggling to find and keep a connection with his fighter pilot father. Eventually, Poe decides it’s better to put some distance between the pair of them. Poe’s only option is to run away from home and do his best on his own.

‘Cinderella Is Dead’ by Kalynn Bayron is a Unique and Exciting Retelling of the Fairy Tale - Book Review

It’s been 200 years since Cinderella made her appearance at that infamous ball. Having had the pleasure of finding her prince, the girls in Lille to attend an annual ball at the palace to find their suitors, just like Cinderella. However, this is not a choice for them. It is a mandatory obligation that none of them are able to escape from. While the men in the kingdom have the choice to attend the ball whenever they please (or never at all), the girls of the kingdom do not have this same luxury.

'The Voting Booth' By Brandy Colbert is a Perfectly Poignant and Timely Novel - Book Review

When one turns 18, many often think of officially becoming an adult and all of the things that brings to our lives. This is the same for Marva and she’s exceptionally elated by the fact that she is now able to vote. With the first election upcoming, Marva is ready to cast her ballot and make a difference. Not only is Marva excited to vote, but she’s also been pounding the pavement, helping to get voters registered. So, when she sees a young man named Duke turned away from a polling station...

‘Hunted by the Sky’ is a Stunning YA Fantasy Set in Medieval-Inspired India - Book Review

In Hunted by the Sky, Gul has lived her life on the run for her entire life due to the star-shaped birthmark upon her arm and she isn’t the only one who is being hunted. Girls with the same birthmark have been taken or have disappeared for years throughout the kingdom of Ambar. Gul’s parents did all that they could in order to protect their daughter. However, after her parents are murdered for hiding her their entire lives, Gul vows to exact her revenge against the king.

Superman Fights Against Racism in the Timely ‘Superman Smashes the Klan’ - Review

Superman has always been seen as a beacon of hope and justice. This is something that has made his character a staple for decades and in Superman Smashes the Klan, it’s no different. Set in 1946, the graphic novel follows the Lee family who have moved from Chinatown to Metropolis for Dr. Lee’s new job at the Metropolis Health Department. However, not everything in the bustling city is great for Dr. Lee and his family. While Tommy seems to make friends fast, his sister, Roberta, isn’t so lucky.

DC's ‘You Brought Me the Ocean’ Explores Finding and Accepting One’s True Self - Review

Jake Hyde (a.k.a. Aqualad) lives in a desert town in New Mexico, but all he yearns for is the ocean. It’s called to him for as long as he can remember and he doesn’t truly know why. However, it is his passion for the ocean that causes him to apply for his dream Oceanography program at his dream college in Miami, unbeknownst to his best friend, Maria, who believes the two will be applying to colleges together in-state. But Jake’s choice of school isn’t the only secret he’s been hiding from Maria.

‘Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed’ Is A Brilliant New Take on Diana’s Origin Story - Review

A growing warrior is trying to acclimate to the changes in her body. Finally 16-years-old, Diana, Princess of Themyscira would love nothing more than to be free of “The Changeling” title she’s acquired over the last few years. No one knows how to explain and with her body growing and her moods changing as quickly as the weather, the young princess wants to take the day to celebrate without her bodily changes being at the forefront.
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